New research uncovers the true drivers of fundraising success

DonorBuilder™ answers key questions for your charity:

  • What is your level of awareness?
  • Do donors understand your mission?
  • Do they have positive feelings towards your charity?
  • How emotionally engaged are they with your organization?
  • What are their giving behaviors and future intentions?
  • How can you increase donor appeal?
  • What key drivers of giving should you be focusing on?
  • How are you performing over time?

DonorBuilder™ provides the answers with validated, actionable insights to build donor engagement for your non-profit.



  • A fact-based approach to guide strategic focus on the most important characteristics proven to strengthen donor intentions
  • Learn the key drivers for both donor retention and acquisition
  • Benchmark to other non-profits, and track performance over time
  • Leverage metrics for good governance and accountability


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  • Your unique Donor Appeal Index (DAI) score, benchmarked against norms
  • performance on the 9 key pillars comprising your DAI
  • Profile of past giving behavior
  • Level of future giving intentions
  • Reach of recent campaigns, communications and news
  • Guidance for strategic planning, strengths to be maintained, opportunities to be addressed and segments to be targeted
  • A summary of key learning across the Sector

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